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How to plan an outdoor event - free event plan template

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

How to plan an outdoor event...

An outdoor event is an exciting opportunity to bring people together for an enjoyable and memorable experience. Whether it's a music festival, sports tournament, or community fair, planning and executing a successful outdoor event requires careful attention to detail and effective management. This event management plan template is designed to provide a comprehensive structure for how to plan and outdoor event and executing an outdoor event, covering all aspects of the event from budgeting to logistics to vendor management. Use this template as a starting point for your own event management plan, and tailor it to meet the unique needs and requirements of your event. With a well-planned and executed event, you can create a positive impact on your attendees, your community, and your organization.

DJ playing an outdoor event

Event Overview

Top line details

Purpose and scope of the event

Target audience

Goals and objectives

Expected outcomes

Event Goals and Objectives

Attendance targets

Revenue goals

Audience engagement metrics


Comprehensive breakdown of event costs

Budget allocation for different aspects of the event

Venue Selection and Logistics

Selection of outdoor venue

Logistics required for the event, including transportation, parking, amenities, permits, security, medical services, waste management, and equipment rental

people enjoying an outdoor event

Event Branding and Marketing

Branding strategy for the event

Marketing plan, including advertising, social media, email marketing, and partnerships with local businesses or organizations

Site Management

Detailed site plans including site infrastructure such as toilets, registration and signage plan.

Event Programming

Event program, including keynote speakers, workshops, entertainment, and other activities

Alignment of the program with event goals and objectives

Vendor Management

Identification and contracting of vendors for the event, including catering, rentals, entertainment, and any other necessary services

Vendor management plan, including contracts, service level agreements, and vendor performance metrics

Outdoor event activity

Staffing and Volunteer Management

Staffing needs for the event

Volunteer identification and recruitment

Job descriptions, training, and scheduling processes for staff and volunteers

Emergency Management

Emergency management plan for the event, including contingency plans for severe weather, medical emergencies, security breaches, or equipment failure

Event Execution

Detailed schedule for the event, including setup and breakdown, registration, entertainment, and any other activities

Briefing of staff and vendors to ensure proper execution of their duties

Event Evaluation

Post-event evaluation to assess success and gather feedback from attendees, staff, and vendors

Use feedback to improve future events

festival people

This template should serve as a starting point for an event management plan for an outdoor event. Customise it as needed to fit the specific needs and requirements of your event. Good luck!

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